Settlement Facilitation

Most Judges in New Mexico require parties in a divorce to participate in a settlement facilitation prior to trial.

Settlement facilitation is a process in which a neutral attorney is appointed as a facilitator to work with both parties and their attorneys to attempt to resolve the case.

Settlement facilitation allows the parties to achieve a voluntary resolution of the dispute rather than go to trial.  In a settlement facilitation, both parties present their case to the facilitator who evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of each party’s case and assists in settlement negotiations.  The facilitator focuses on the legal issues and the nature of the factual disputes to evaluate the case.  A settlement facilitator may provide opinions as to settlement options and save the parties the emotional and financial stress of a trial.  Settlement facilitation is generally a single half day or full day session.

We are committed to assisting individuals through conflict and transition to resolve disputes mutually and with respect, both for our clients and for court appointed cases. 

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